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Islamska terrorattacker år 2013


Attacker 2013 av Muslimska grupper

14 dagar i 2013
Haugesund02A Muslim stabs two Christians who converted from Islam.
2013.01.14PakistanKhar Kallay18A bombing attack on a van full of Shia leaves one dead.
2013.01.14PakistanKohikhel30Islamic extremists behead three captured tribesmen.
2013.01.13AfghanistanSayed Abad72Seven civilians are killed by a suspected Taliban bomb at a mosque.
2013.01.13PakistanMiranshah1425Fourteen local soldiers are exterminated by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2013.01.13IraqSamarrah30Sunni militants machine-gun three Iraqis at a checkpoint.
2013.01.13AfghanistanChak20A girl is among two civilians executed in cold blood by religious extremists.
2013.01.13NigeriaKano22Two locals are killed by Boko Haram gunmen.
2013.01.13PakistanShabqadar13A 12-year-old boy is disassembled by a Mujahid bomb.
2013.01.13PakistanSwabi10Islamic radicals shoot a police officer in the head.
2013.01.13IraqFallujah13A 7-year-old boy is pulled apart by an 'insurgent' bomb.
2013.01.13IndiaPulwama10A 40-year-old civilian is kidnapped and executed by Islamic militants.
2013.01.13YemenRada13One civilian is killed during an al-Qaeda ambush.
2013.01.12IraqKirkuk24Islamic terrorists kill two soccer players with a bomb outside their stadium.
2013.01.12SomaliaJilib20Two civilians are pulled off of a bus and shot in the back of the head by fundamentalists.
2013.01.12PakistanNowshera10A female nurse is slain execution style by suspected Taliban.
2013.01.12PakistanRahim Bux Banglani10An 18-year-old girl is "honor killed" by her brother for having sex.
2013.01.12SomaliaBulomarer10Islamists execute a French hostage following a rescue attempt.
2013.01.12PakistanQuetta11A child is killed in a bomb attack targeting Shias at an Internet cafe.
2013.01.11PakistanQuetta25Tehreek-e-Taliban kill two people with a rocket.
2013.01.11ThailandPattani20Muslim 'insurgents' shoot two local cops to death.
2013.01.11IndiaSopore10A local official is assassinated by Islamic militants.
2013.01.11AfghanistanBadghis55Five Afghans lose their lives to Taliban attacks.
2013.01.11IraqMosul22al-Qaeda gunmen enter a family home and shoot a 7-year-old boy and his father to death.
2013.01.11ThailandPattani22A Muslim bomb aimed at teachers leaves two guards dead.
2013.01.10IraqDiyala66Mujahideen murder six Iraqis in a series of attacks.
2013.01.10PakistanQuetta105200Over one-hundred people are massacred by two Lashkar-e-Jhangvi suicide blasts at a billiards hall in a Shiite area.
2013.01.10NigeriaMaiduguri10A female police officer is murdered by Boko Haram.
2013.01.10PakistanMingora3070Thirty people are ripped to shreds by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a rival preaching center.
2013.01.10IraqDiyala24Two people are killed when Mujahid bombers target a university chancellor.
2013.01.10IraqBaghdad515Sunni bombers strike a bus stop in a Shia neighborhood, sending five residents to Allah.
2013.01.10PakistanKarachi10A court worker is shot four times by religious extremists.
2013.01.10PakistanQuetta40Four Shias are summarily executed by Sunnis
2013.01.10YemenAbyan12al-Qaeda assassins shoot a mediator to death.
2013.01.09PakistanQuetta10A Sunni cleric is brought down in a targeted attack by Shia.
2013.01.09PakistanPeshawar10An influential Shia doctor is murdered outside his clinic by devoted Sunnis.
2013.01.09PakistanBahawalpur10Muslim stab a 19-year-old Christian to death for seeing a Muslim girl.
2013.01.08PakistanChoura10A Sikh businessman is kidnapped and beheaded by Lashkar-e-Islam.
2013.01.08PakistanKarachi10A Shiite father is shot to death in front of his child by Sunnis.
2013.01.08IraqMosul112A car bomb at a supermarket in a Christian area kills a medical student.
2013.01.08PakistanBokhar11Islamic bombers take down a member of a peace committee.
2013.01.07PakistanGulshan-e-Iqbal10A 26-year-old bank employee is murdered for belonging to the wrong mosque.
2013.01.07IraqMosul10A female Christian teacher's throat is cut by dedicated Muslims.
2013.01.07NigeriaKano31Boko Haram gunmen fire into a group of civilians leaving a rival mosque, killing three.
2013.01.07PakistanKarachi20Sectarian Jihadis take down a father and daughter.
2013.01.07IraqMosul34al-Qaeda gunmen roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun local cops point-blank.
2013.01.07PakistanQuetta13Sunnis fire into a taxi carrying Shias, killing just one.
2013.01.07AfghanistanLaghman10An acting imam shoots a British soldier in the back after leading prayers.
2013.01.07NigeriaBaban Layi32Islamists murder three traders at a market.
2013.01.06AfghanistanSpin Boldak415Two suicide bombers murder four other people at a community meeting.
2013.01.06ThailandNarathiwat11A Buddhist woman dies after being shot in the neck and body by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2013.01.06PakistanChiniot10A Shiite child dies of injuries one week after being shot by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2013.01.06PakistanJamrud51Five tribesmen are machine-gunned by militant Muslims.
2013.01.05PakistanUtmanzai20Two charity workers involved in an education project are murdered by Religion of Peace radicals.
2013.01.05LibyaSidi Faraj10A local cop is shot to death by suspected Islamists.
2013.01.05PakistanFaisalabad10A girl is stabbed to death by her conservative brother for having an affair.
2013.01.05IraqHillah323Terrorists blow up three civilians.
2013.01.05IraqKarbalah111A Shiite girl on a minibus is taken out by Sunni Holy Warriors.
2013.01.05SyriaDeir az-Zour30Three captured Syrians are executed by al-Nusra proclaiming their Muslim faith.
2013.01.05AfghanistanUruzgan41Taliban extremists murder four commuters with a roadside bomb.
2013.01.05IraqDiyala510Mujahideen take down five Iraqis in various attacks.
2013.01.04SyriaIdlib10A cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2013.01.04PakistanPeshawar21A Taliban bomb snuffs the lives of two civilians.
2013.01.04KenyaGarissa27Two refugees bleed to death after al-Shabaab cadres toss a grenade into their camp.
2013.01.04PakistanMach10Sipah-e-Yazeed gunmen assassinate a Shiite at close range.
2013.01.04SyriaDamascus114Two children are among eleven civilians dismantled by a Sunni bomb in a residential neighborhood.
2013.01.04ThailandPattani14Islamic militants ambush and kill a local soldier.
2013.01.03IraqMusayyib2849Twenty-eight Shiite pilgrims are blown apart by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2013.01.03SyriaDamascus20Video surfaces of members of a Shia militia stoning and stabbing two Sunnis.
2013.01.03NigeriaSong40Four people are burned to death by Religion of Peace radicals, including a child.
2013.01.03AfghanistanNawa-i-Barakzayi10A cleric is gunned down in his own mosque by religious hardliners.
2013.01.03SomaliaBoo13al-Shabaab gunmen open fire on women at a wedding party, killing at least one.
2013.01.03PakistanSwabi10A prayer leader is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2013.01.03IraqBaghdad415Sunnis target a minibus carrying Shia pilgrims, managing to kill just four.
2013.01.02NigeriaMarte20Boko Haram militants ambush and kill two security personnel.
2013.01.02PakistanMiranshah33A woman and child are killed when Islamic militants fire a rocket into their home.
2013.01.02IraqKarbalah28Two Shia pilgrims on foot are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2013.01.02IraqTarmiyah30Three Iraqis are machine-gunned point-blank by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2013.01.01PakistanSwabi71Six women are among seven humanitarian workers brutally machine-gunned by Mujahideen.
2013.01.01IraqBahrka10A 23-year-old mother of two is murdered by her family for unIslamic behavior.
2013.01.01ItalyVenice01Fifteen Arab youth set upon a Jewish-American tourist with sharp objects, beating him into unconsciousness.
2013.01.01PakistanAkkakhel25Two girls are killed when suspected Taliban shell their school.
2013.01.01PakistanBolan10A religious minority is murdered by Sunni gunmen.
2013.01.01IraqTuz-Khormato52Mujahid bombers take out five Iraqis.
2013.01.01PakistanKarachi640Tehreek-e-Taliban set off a bomb at a political rally, taking out at least six participants.


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